About sit&joy

Sit&Joy has been making Dutch top quality beanbags since 2004. Our starting point is to optimally combine quality and design so that you can sit comfortably with a beanbag that can be seen.
You can recognize a sit&joy beanbag by the bright and cheerful colors we use.

Own Production Line

We make all beanbags ourselves. For this we have a special production line where we carefully assemble all beanbags from A to Z. We are constantly researching so that we use the best materials, shapes and sizes. After all, a beanbag should be as comfortable as possible to sit or lie on

Create your space

Withdraw yourself completely and sit, lie and lounge however you want! sit&joy has the perfect beanbag for every moment.
  • We have beenmaking quality beanbags since 2004
  • All beanbags are made by ourselves
  • Best seat shapes guaranteed by the Flexipearl® technique
  • Many cheerful colors to choose from

1.2 million happy customers

More than 1.5 million beanbags sold already!

The largest beanbag manufacturer in Western Europe

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