Almost summer vacation!

Almost summer vacation! The last few weeks to put the finishing touches and then enjoy the free time. Bean bags offer relaxation, of course, but some bean bags within the sit&joy range are also very mobile. You can easily take them to the beach, that one nice pond, or in the car to a southern European destination.

Bring your beanbag

Jolanda (34) says: “I doubted for a long time about the ultimate holiday destination this summer. France, Spain, and Italy are on my list. My husband prefers to go to the Alps. So chances are we’ll both do it. We then drive via Luxembourg to Switzerland and camp for a few days in the Alps. Then we drive on to the Italian Flower Riviera. The kids received a beanbag for their birthday last week and they want to take it with them too. Our first thought was ‘that takes up too much space’. We have measured it and it works fine! Okay, we have two children and there is a third seat in the back of the car where we can store the beanbags. I can imagine that when you have larger duckweed, it becomes a bit more difficult.

Quieter in a beanbag

My husband and I immediately saw the advantage of taking the beanbags on holiday. Once our kids end up in beanbags, they spontaneously become a lot calmer. Then they nestle themselves completely in their beanbag. Then they grab a magazine or their game console. They don’t walk or run off the campsite, nor are they going to drive each other crazy. That’s ideal. For us, as busy parents, it is very nice not to have busy children around us after a long tiring car ride to the Alps. I think every parent will recognize themselves in this situation, haha!”

On the kid’s collection page you will find various colorful comfortable beanbags for your son or daughter. The children’s beanbags all differ per size and color, so there are plenty of choices! Jolanda: “We gave the Primo Aquablauw and Lime as a present for our twins for their birthday. They are in it every day when they get home from school!”. Interested in our entire range? Then take a look right away!

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