Beanbag for children

Beanbag for children. We all know it. When the kids were little, racing cars and dollhouses were simple fun birthday gifts to make them happy. But the older they get, the more difficult it becomes to find a nice gift for them. But that is now a thing of the past. sit&joy has cool beanbags for your son or daughter. From block builders to first graders, sit&joy offers the right beanbag for every age.

Children are not quick to stop and think about maintaining a correct body position. How often do you have to tell your kids to sit up straight in their seats? And how often do children sit incorrectly on the sofa or chair while gaming? This problem has been solved with the sit&joy beanbag. The beanbag ensures that the child always sits in the correct position in the beanbag. So you no longer have to worry about the correct posture of your child. Once used to a beanbag, your child will not want anything else. It is not for nothing that many nurseries swear by the sit&joy beanbags. That is why the parents of the children often order the same beanbag that their child sits on at the daycare for home.

The Poco beanbag

The Poco beanbag is especially for the juniors among us. Its strong backrest and robust arms ensure that your child can relax! The Poco beanbag is available in 8 different colors, including orange, anthracite, lime, and aqua. Let your child choose his favorite color for his ultimate to relax corner!

Choose a Poco in your favorite color!

In addition to the Poco, there is also the Bumba beanbag. The Bumba beanbag is a real tough, but very stylish beanbag. The unique pear-shaped design ensures that this beanbag adapts completely to your child. Combine with our 8 different colors, including red, pink, lime, and aqua! The Dinga, Primo, Rondo and Tutti complete the list.

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