Beanbags are good for health

Beanbags are good for your health. Hence, doctors swear by bean bags. The average person sits in a chair for 8 hours. So that’s of your day! 8 hours in the same position is not good for anybody. That is why beanbags are increasingly recommended as a remedy for the state of your posture.

The sit&joy beanbag ensures that you always end up in a comfortable and healthy position. The beanbags reduce the stress that is accumulated during the working day. Sitting in a beanbag even helps against the initial phases of headaches and depression! You could use skippy balls and other yoga-related resources to help you relax. But the sit&joy beanbag offers more for less. After a long working day, relaxing for half an hour in the sit&joy beanbag reduces your stress considerably.

Different models of beanbags

Put on a soothing song, make a cup of tea and close your eyes. The right amount of relaxation ensures better performance at work and you will also feel a lot more energetic in everyday life. sit&joy offers different beanbags for different purposes. For example, there is the Largo: a mega beanbag that offers ultimate comfort for those who want to be completely absorbed by the beanbag. Enjoy unprecedented relaxation and experience the feeling of floating on clouds. The Largo is available in twelve different colors! Be creative, combine the craziest colors, bring extra atmosphere to your living room! We have beanbags for indoor, outdoor, and children.

So besides the fact that a beanbag is trendy and has a high fun factor, it is also very healthy! Choose your favorite beanbag directly and order it via the sit&joy webshop. Mon-Fri ordered before 16.00 = your beanbag at home the next day via PostNL.


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