Bumba beanbag

The Bumba beanbag is the most popular children’s beanbag in the sit&joy kid’s collection. That’s not surprising! Because this stylish beanbag can be used for gaming, watching TV in a relaxed manner, or just relaxing. The Bumba is a smaller version of the Dolce and, many families have the Dolce and the Bumba. This way, parents and their children can enjoy the same beanbag that is suitable for their size. In addition to the Bumba, there are five other kid’s beanbags that are also popular among parents and kids

Eight different and bright colors!

With eight different colors, there is always a color that is suitable for the nursery. Because the beanbag is compact and fairly light in weight, it can easily be moved or even taken with you on holidays and weekends away.

Kids love the Bumba for its comfort and bright colors. A lot of attention has been paid to the design and the materials are of top quality so that children experience the best in the beanbag area. Is something spilled on the beanbag? That’s no problem. The Bumba is very easy to clean because it is made of moisture and dirt-repellent materials. Just wipe it with a cloth and the Bumba looks brand new again. Very handy since children easily drop or knock something over.

Can be placed anywhere

The Bumba is often placed in the children’s room, but the Bumba also comes into its own in the attic, the playroom, or even in the living room. Furthermore, the Bumbas are popular with childcare centers and waiting areas where children come. Because of the striking colors, children are inclined to at least explore for a while. This often results in sitting and climbing. All fine, because the Bumba can take a beating.

Order a Bumba now and make your child happy with this fun and versatile beanbag!

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