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Beanbag for everyone!

Find the beanbag that suits you. Because of the different colours, shapes and sizes, there is always a model that suits you.. So whether it concerns Indoor, Outdoor, Kids or Pets beanbags, at sit&joy we have a beanbag for all tastes.


Your beanbag = Made in Holland

We make our beanbags ourselves in the Netherlands. As a result, we can always guarantee the best quality with attractive prices. We do constant research and always use the best materials, so that our beanbags meet the highest quality standards. This allows you to sit, lie and relax on a beanbag. Check it out for yourself in our webshop. So be guaranteed of top quality and bean bags made by real specialists.

Which beanbag is right for you?

Do you want to get inspired? With so much choice of bean bags, it is sometimes difficult to choose. That is why it is wise to go through our collection to see which beanbag is suitable for you. Do you have pets? Then spoil them with our pets collection, ideal for your pet. You can of course also contact us directly if you have any questions or are looking for tips. Our employees are very happy to advise you so that you choose the right beanbag. So don’t hesitate and contact us soon!

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Beanbag with optimal comfort

The sit&joy beanbags are designed to take a perfect shape no matter who is sitting on them. How do we make this possible? Firstly, by using only the highest quality products. In addition, the sit&joy beanbags are made of extremely strong material and are all filled with our own Flexipearl®. This gives you maximum comfort!

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The Flexipearl® granules are specially designed to take on your body shape. This will allow you to experience comfort like never before. The granules can always be topped up where necessary. This allows you to use your beanbag for a very long time. The grains become slightly softer after use. However, some users prefer that. Others refill their model to get it back to its original condition. So whatever you like, it’s all possible with the Flexipearl® technique.

We are also at home in all markets. A beanbag for indoor, outdoor, kids or pets? We have it all in house. So whether you’re reading a book, watching television, relaxing or drinking a cup of coffee, our beanbags will keep you comfortable.

What is a beanbag?

In 1968 three Italian designers Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini and Franco Teodor designed a chair that was peculiar. This chair was given the name ‘Sacco’ and was very unique at the time. Although there were no extreme expectations, the Sacco became very popular and not just in Italy. The Sacco became a worldwide hit, giving rise to the so-called Bean Bag. Since then, a beanbag has become an indispensable part of life. On the contrary, many manufacturers produce in all shapes, sizes and colors. Its primary function is to sit comfortably in it. In addition, with many models, it is also suitable for lying in and it has become a lifestyle product.

Why choose bean bags?

A beanbag is the ideal way to combine something functional with lifestyle. This allows you not only to relax, but also to provide your interior, children’s room and/or outdoor space with something fun! It’s not just about sitting, lying or lounging, but it becomes part of your space. Moreover, you can combine endlessly. You decide how, where and when you use the beanbag. Your space, your way!

Where and when do you choose beanbags?

You can use a beanbag almost at any time of the day in all kinds of situations. Because there are many different models, there is always a moment to think of. Think of sitting outside in nice weather, having a picnic, reading a book in a relaxed manner, playing games, watching TV, taking a break at work and so on. In addition, it is a beautiful piece of decor for waiting areas, for example, and very suitable for children at a daycare center, for example. So no matter what you do, you can use your beanbag for just about anything!

Who are beanbags suitable for?

Beanbags are suitable for all ages. For the little ones to the trendy grandparents. There are many different models for all kinds of applications. So age doesn’t matter. We have a kids collection especially for children. Here we have all kinds of fun models for children with cheerful colors. For adults we have the indoor collection and the outdoor collection, but these can of course also be used by the children. So in summary, beanbags can be used by almost everyone.

Colorful beanbags

The sit&joy beanbags are designed and produced by ourselves. We focus on the customer’s wishes and adapt our products accordingly. The most important criteria here are quality and comfort at an attractive price. A sit&joy product can be recognized by the many and cheerful colors. For example, our pink beanbag is very popular. But the gray beanbag and the black beanbag are also popular!

Modern designs

Our beanbags are a beautiful addition to any interior due to their modern design. Moreover, these are very light in weight and perfect for relaxing. You can also buy a large model at sit&joy that can accommodate several people. Very cozy to watch television together in the living room, for example. It is also a very practical solution for large spaces. Finally, our experienced designers are creative every day to create the ideal beanbags. That way you are assured of the best..

Beanbags are paid attention to

When you make a purchase via sit&joy, you can be sure that a lot of attention has been paid to the product. We have done a lot of research into the ideal product and we will continue to do this so that we can always guarantee the best. A beanbag must be perfectly finished in all areas for the best seating comfort. This means that many tests are done before production starts. Different test subjects are used to see how a beanbag should form in order to offer good comfort. Because the ultimate goal is to relax

Outdoor collection

Do you want to enjoy yourself on a beautiful spring or summer day? Then you don’t have to leave your beanbag at home! Take it outside and enjoy a nice day. Whether it’s a picnic with your friends or just relaxing in the garden. It’s all possible with the sit&joy outdoor collection. It is made of sturdy material and can also stand outside because it is water resistant. Still, it is better to keep it indoors because it will remain more beautiful, but if you forget that overnight, that is absolutely no problem.

Indoor collection

Do you want to brighten up your living room with a bean bag? You have plenty of choice! Choose from many different colors and see which model fits best in your interior. There are many different shapes, so there is a suitable model for every type of home. A beanbag in a home often stands out and you will get many positive reactions. Getting your guests in the beanbag is rarely a problem, but get them out again! So are you looking for a beanbag to give your house some color? Then take a look at the indoor collection and order your ideal model directly via the online shop.

Pet’s collection

As you can see in the photos of the Pets collection; pets love our bean bags. So spoil your pet with the specially made models for your cat or dog. The Pets models have been extensively tested and meet the highest quality requirements to provide your pet with the best. The Pets collection is also available in all kinds of colors and sizes. So now get the best for your cat or dog with the specially designed models for your pet.

Kids collectie

Children absolutely love our beanbags. This makes our beanbags ideal for a children’s room. Due to the soft material, it is comfortable and safe for a child to sit on. The sit&joy beanbags are colorful and ideal for children. Our beanbags for kids provide plenty of seating and playing fun. Moreover, there are often kids variants of beanbags for adults. So very nice to combine.

Give beanbags as a gift!

Do you know someone who could use a beanbag?  Surprise them with one of our models. This way you know for sure that you are giving something unique as a gift. So order now and surprise someone who means a lot to you!


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