The name Duo says it all! The new Duo sit&joy collection is inspired by the double color combinations, the double functions that a sit&joy beanbag can form and the double use of the special fabric that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Duo means 2 in 1, created so that you can enjoy anywhere from now on! Create and decorate your space with the sit&joy beanbags in the trendiest colors!

The Duo Rondo is the most versatile of the sit&joy beanbag family. Perfect for every moment. Now also available in 2 color combinations! If you want to sit comfortably, or use it as a pouf. All is possible. If you want to support your feet on something, use it as a footstool. If you want to put your drink somewhere, use it as a mini side table. Do you prefer the color Terracotta rather than Anthracite? Simply flip the Duo Rondo upside down to the color of your choice! Nothing is too crazy for our Duo Rondo beanbag.
The beanbag is made of extremely strong polyester and it is filled with our unique EPS brand Flexipearl®. All this from our own factory! The Rondo is available in four different colours, including Mint Blue, Old Green, Mustard Yellow and Terracotta. Enjoy our endless possibilities!


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Duo Rondo Mint Blue Beanbag & Pouf


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