Flexipearl beanbag filling from sit&joy

With the Flexipearl beanbag filling from sit&joy you can relax. A beanbag is full of millions of grains of love. After a long working day, you can relax in a pleasant position without worrying about the correct posture of your back.

In 2018, a beanbag is the piece of furniture that is indispensable in every home. The beanbag from Sit & Joy strives for ultimate comfort for everyone. To make this possible, we have launched a special technology. We strive for this comfort by only using the highest quality products. The beanbag is filled with our own Flexipearl. Where a normal beanbag soon starts to lose its strength and shape due to age and wear, Flexipearl lasts longer! Flexipearl is the name we give to our granules, which are then injected into the beanbag. When you are not at home for 3 months, Flexipearl ensures that the beanbag stays exactly in the same shape for these three months, without any shifting. This means that our granules are extremely strong and that you are always wonderfully firmly nestled in one of our sit & joy bean bags.

Refill pearls

If you use the beanbag several times a week, it may be that the beanbag feels a bit softer after a while. Normally this is noticeable after 6 months. If this is the case, you can always order Flexipearl and refill the beanbag with these EPS pearls. Some users prefer a softer beanbag and refill it later or not at all.

Read a good book, watch an exciting movie, grab a nice bowl of chips, drink a glass of soda or a cup of coffee, put the music and swoon over that one wonderful vacation you had last summer. And don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Enjoy your moment with the sit&Joy beanbag.

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