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The sit&joy team wanted to do something for people who are working hard during this Covid-19 crisis. For example, the team has already provided donations to childcare centers. Dozens of children have already been made happy with colorful beanbags. But the healthcare staff also deserves a donation in these times. A lot is currently being donated, so the question was whether the healthcare staff was waiting for beanbags.


After our team made a ‘donation request’ via the hospital’s website, someone from the hospital soon called. The staff had become very enthusiastic and wanted to have the beanbags. Preferably in aqua blue, because it matches the house style colors of the hospital. Fortunately, this is possible at sit&joy, since we have 12 different colors.


Our team became very enthusiastic and immediately got to work. On April 23, 2020, the sit&joy team donated a number of beanbags to the hospital staff of the Catharina hospital in Eindhoven. The healthcare staff was visibly happy. The children’s department will also be made happy with these beanbags. We wish the staff and the children a lot of health and sitting pleasure. Hopefully, others will also be inspired to support people/companies and institutions in these difficult times. Only together can we get through it.


donation beanbags sit&joy catharina

The Catharina hospital in Eindhoven

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